Bursary for study at RIMYI


The Avon Iyengar Yoga committee has voted to repeat the provision of a £500 bursary to provide those students in need of financial support to travel to Pune to study with the Iyengar family at the Ramamani Iyengar Yoga Memorial Institute (RIMYI).

Please see the application form and guidelines that follow.

Please see the application form below for details and note the deadline for applications is 5th November 2019.

If you have any comments or questions please do not hesitate to contact any member of the AIY committee.



The bursary is intended to help meet some of the cost of a single month of study at RIMIYI between 1st November 2019 and 1st October 2020

Bursary is only open to AIY members. They should be committed students of Iyengar Yoga, teachers and non-teachers are welcome to apply.

The bursary is intended solely for those applicants who would not otherwise be able to afford to go (this includes those who would have to borrow the funds to go).

  • You may apply for next year and the bursary will be awarded subject to you successfully gaining a place at RIMYI and submitting a copy of your confirmation letter once you receive it.

  • If you do not have a confirmed booking and are still at the planning stage, you will need to check your eligibility to attend classes before applying for the bursary, please see criteria here.

  • If your application is for a confirmed place, please forward a copy of your RIMYI confirmation letter.

  • The amount of the bursary is £500, to be used to help meet the cost of travel, accommodation and RIMYI fees. Where there is more than one eligible applicant, the bursary may be split equally between applicants.

  • Your application should include a simple account of your reasons for going. Please briefly summarize your teaching certificate level and classes you currently teach (if applicable), how many years you have been practicing Iyengar Yoga and details of which classes / teachers you currently attend.

  • Please note, the bursary is not intended for those who are attending RIMYI solely for medical classes.

  • Applications can be submitted by filling in the online form below or returned by email to avoniyengar@gmail.com or sent to Zoë Reason, 9 The Old School House, Maxse Road, Bristol BS4 2JS.

  • No formal payback of the bursary is required, but if you would like to offer a blog, an article for IYN about your experience, or a workshop for the AIY (or something similar) this would be warmly received. Where the bursary is split between more than one recipient, we would not expect to see this.

  • Applications for the 2019 Bursary should be received by November 5th 2019. Applications received after this date can be put forward for 2020 bursary but please be aware we will be reviewing these guidelines for 2020.

    To apply please fill out the following form:

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Full Name *
Full Name
In submitting this application, I confirm that I am adhering to the Yamas in making this request for financial assistance. I agree to bring what I learn at RIMYI to share with my yoga community.